Bayonet Lock Rings

These rings are the optimal combination of accessibility and safe seal.

This is especially true for submarines with circular frames. All equipment is mounted on a frame that is slid into the bow part of the hull. The shorter stern part has the motor and servos fix mounted.

The bayonet ring pairs from 88 - 106 mm OD are CNC machined and very precise. The o-rings are extra soft to reduce friction.

available diameters (OD / ID):

Outside Ø Inside Ø fits for price
75 62 Klasse 212 1/100 € 75,-
88 74 Tümmler,"Alpha 1/100" € 70,-
99 88 "UB1","Seahorse", small Ballfish € 75,-
106 97 special ring for Robbe submarines (Seawolf, U47, U2540) € 75,-
116 104 C-Class € 85,-
130 116 "Ballfish" € 90,-
144 128 "Hajen" € 98,-

Special-edition for robbe submarines :

The bow side ring is butt-joined to the pipe and reinforced by a layer of glasfibre and epoxy. By that the entire diameter of the pipe is free for the equipment frame.

The stern ring is glued into the place of the original o-ring.

delivered: outer ring, inner ring, soft o-ring + 1x spare, instruction

drawing of outer dimensions.


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